A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work” 



What is the Warrior Cafe?

The Warrior Cafe started off as an idea of two young students of East Wake High School that were presenting a project for a mock shark tank presentation.  The idea was so intriguing that Humbled Initiative's Co-Founder David Garvin Jr. immediately wanted to bring this project to life.  Therefore, the Humbled Initiative has partnered with Shahzeel Khokhar of PitBull Martial Arts - USA gym to ensure the start of the Warrior Cafe. 

Where is the Warrior Cafe?

The Warrior Cafe is currently being held at East Wake High School where it provides funding for various clubs like D.E.C.A. and the PTSA to enhance the experiences of the students.  The Cafe' also helps the youth earn credit towards FREE SAT/ACT prep courses provided by A Plus Test Prep.  

The Vision

The Vision of the Cafe' is to create a full program that can be implemented in various schools to help funding for underserved clubs so that students will be able to enjoy the full experience that their clubs have to offer.  


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